Academy Private School joined the eRevolution way back in 2014!

As of January 2014 all class textbooks for high school students (including grade 7s from January 2021) are only available as ebooks and used in the classrooms.

Parents must purchase the relevant grade eTextbooks from the school’s Online e-Book store, and parents must ensure that the eTextbooks are loaded onto the tablet or laptop.

The following grades’ eTextbooks are available to purchase online:

Grade 7 / Grade 8 / Grade 9 / Grade 10 / Grade 11 / Grade 12

“Hatchet” by Gary Paulsen is available in paperback only for Grade 8, which can be purchased from here.

“How I Live Now” by Meg Rosoff is available in paperback only for Grade 9, which can be purchased from here.

eBooks can be purchased with either a 1 year or perpetual license. The 1 year license price is significantly reduced, sometimes less than half of the normal cost (depending on the supplier) and allows you to access the eBook for 1 year from date of purchase. However, if you would like to have access to the eBook forever, you can purchase the perpetual license at the full price of the Ebook.

You can also view your eBooks without installing an application by visiting the online eBook reader in your browser on your laptop/computer/cellphone or tablet device.


All Academy Private School high school students (including grade 7s from January 2021) are required to have a tablet PC or laptop that will be used daily in the classrooms for lessons.

The prescribed tablet PC or Laptop at Academy Private School is a Chromebook, and these can be purchased by parents from the I.T. supplier below.

Parents must ensure that their child’s Chromebook, tablet PC or laptop conforms to the minimum specifications. Please ensure that you familiarize yourself with the minimum specifications.

Minimum specifications:

AMD Dual-Core/Intel i3, 4GB RAM Memory, 32GB Storage Capacity, Bluetooth, WiFi, USB Port/SD card reader, 8 Hours battery life

Why Chromebooks? 

They are some of the easiest edtech tools for students to learn to use. Chromebooks, and their apps, teach students other tech skills including how to code, working with spreadsheets, and much more. Chromebooks are highly compatible with the Google Apps for Education Suite. Chromebooks are secure, and can facilitate rich levels of collaboration.